Ransomeware is on the Rise. Is your business aware?

In the past 60 days we have had over a dozen cases of Ransomware with clients.  THUMBTECHS is encouraging and implementing systems with you to prevent them, but financially we may have been limited, and regardless these viruses are BUILT to get around such systems and prey on human error.

Almost all of the clients knew exactly who (or did it themselves) when it happened.  The warning boxes came up, and folks still clicked straight thru then called us after.  PLEASE call us before you click thru.

We will no longer be purchasing BITCOINS for clients in an expedited fashion!  It’s just too shady.  In addition, any Bitcoin purchases will be out of our parent company, Fassett Investments, Inc. – THUMBTECHS operating accounts need to stay far from this.  Finally, we will be charging a handling service fee on-top of the trading and service fee’s associated with doing the trade for the Bitcoins.  Today alone I spent 5 hours personally purchasing coins for another client who did not have backups, it’s a lot of work, multiple banks, receipts, selfies, its shady, and not exactly the type of work the CEO of THUMBTECHS should be doing, unfortunately it takes me, because it involves money.

More than a dozen clients have had Ransomware in the past 60 days.  Of those, 4 clients did NOT have backups at ALL.  2 of those clients had backups that were not sufficient to restoring their businesses without the purchase of the coins.  The lack of sufficient backups can be an error, it can be folders neither of us knew were needed, it can be folders and files we didn’t know the users were saving to, it could be that you told us to stop backing up certain things but people were still using them, or a myriad of other things.

We have been very diligently going thru every backup set this past 60 days, but it doesn’t mean we are catching everything.  We are going to be setting up times with all of our backup customers to review, it can be done remotely, but these hackers are forcing it.  If you aren’t doing backups with us, you may want to reconsider, or at least REVIEW with us what you are doing so we can advise of where errors, holes, etc. can be.  One client was doing their own backups but unfortunately it backed up so often, it backed the encrypted files up right over top the good ones by time they caught it.

I would also encourage you to setup a lunch and learn with ME personally to come in and talk to you, your users, give a presentation, these viruses are built to get around systems, and they cater to human nature and errors to get thru, and it is time to evaluate changes to the business process to ensure things like this can be easily and thoroughly undone if a mistake is made.

Please take time to re-read this email.  I know it is an intense email, but it is important for YOUR BUSINESS.


George Fassett