Malware Infections Prohibit Business Productivity

Malware infections has become a daily, business productivity hindrance, not to mention a serious threat to the stability and security in business technology.

How may times have you discovered an incoming email that should not have been opened? Or a suspicious email attachment coming from a trusted source in your contact list. And then turn out to be something that causes frequent crashes, slow-downs or irritating pop-ups. This something you don’t need in your business.

What are some of the more common symptoms of malware infections and how they prohibit business productivity?

Normally, you will notice your operating system is slow and unresponsive as malware symtoms can be a heavy drain on your computer’s resources.

Secondly, you may see those irritating pop-up windows that randomly appear and interrupt your workflow. These indicate that your system has been infected and have attached themselves to your start-up programs and tend to be difficult to remove.

Third, you may experience frequent and random computer crashes. Talk about a productivity killer.

Fourth symptom is if you notice a abnormally high level of network activity or internet activity. This is sometimes hard to see, but you’ll notice your online browsing is slow due to a possible virus sending/receiving data running. This could also be hard drive activity running which also slows down your computer’s speed and accessibility.

And fifth, one of the most detrimental effects of malware infections are the automatic removal or disabling of your network anti-virus or security solution. Normally, these malware programs are attempting to gain control of your computer and network resources and one of the best ways to do that is by disabling your security solution so it has free reign over the computer and network.

Whether the malicious malware is after your personal information, or simply trying to infect your system, protecting your network environment from it is critical to business productivity and security. At THUMBTECHS, we deal with these types of common problems daily and have technology solutions to combat it and help your protect your business network at the same time.

Contact THUMBTECHS today and speak with a network security expert about malware infections and find out how to keep your business safe, secure and productive.

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