Cryptolocker – Be Aware Malware Bytes

Be Aware – Malware Bytes

Ransomware / CryptoLocker

We trust this email finds you well! In our continued efforts to best serve you as your technology specialists – we feel it is particularly crucial you are aware of the increasing number of instances coming through known as Ransomware / CryptoLocker – a malware program infecting and encrypting PC and Server data throughout your network. It’s typically done through links and attachments in email or browsing the internet.

To help prevent this from happening to you, we’d just like to stress the importance of the following:

  • NOT opening unexpected attachments in an email – even if the sender is familiar. Contact that person if you have concerns.
  • NOT clicking unfamiliar links through email or throughout the internet
  • Be cautious of emails containing numerous grammatical and spelling errors.










All it takes for ONE person to click the item for it to install on the system and begin encrypting any files on that machine and make its way across the network. Users trying to open a file that has been encrypted will be shown a message asking for payment. In even more recent cases, it’s been more of a “two-step” process where attachments masked as invoices will ask you to enable macros in order to view and in turn letting Ransomware run loose.

In light of the above, we need your help insuring any of your data that could potentially become encrypted is being backed up. Please be very careful when opening unfamiliar links or attachments and warn your employees to do the same. Even with high powered email filtering or antivirus software, it can’t all be prevented and we’re doing everything in our power to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Your cooperation throughout is appreciated, as is your continued business and trust in us.