How ready is your business back up plan?

To all THUMBTECHS Customers:

Per my email last month we have been working hand-in-hand with our backup vendors and have re-vamped our backup offerings. Attached is a PDF reflecting the backups as well as an imbedded image, however, the quick-and-easy of it is we are significantly reducing our plan costs.

  • $699 will get you up to 3 TB of cloud backup storage on any device and service we directly sell. Overages are at $0.25/gb.

  • $199 will get you up to 1/2 TB (500 gb) of cloud backup storage on any device and service we directly sell.  Overages are at $0.45/gb.

  • $99 will get you up to 100gb of cloud backup storage on any device and service we directly sell. Overages are at $0.65/gb.

    All plans do have sales tax. 

All prior plans and rates are going away unfortunately.  As part of the revamp with all our partners it was necessary to change away from prior plan pricing in an effort to reduce higher backup storage coverage.  So clients that currently spend less than $99 per month may decide asking THUMBTECHS to continue to perform backups and be responsible for them to stop.  We respect that and of course ask you reconsider that.  However for other clients who have had to “manage” the size of their backups to keep prices from escalating, or clients with excessive backup usage, can now comfortably fall inside a plan that not only allows them to flatten their bill more, but also get into a plan that will allow a greater amount of data to be backed up inside the flat rate.

>> Click to Download the THUMBTECHS Backup Plan Details

We will be putting the new plans into effect on June 1, 2016.  This means your current May usage which is not complete yet (since it is still May) is not yet on the new plans.  So the first part of June we will bill as we always have on the old plans and the first part of July we will bill based on these new plans.
So which plan will you be in?  What will be your new rate? Please contact Melanie Cantwell at our office to discuss what your current usage is and the appropriate plan to transition into.
My final note would be that many times, when it is critical, backups are not right, missing files, or folders because folks have tried to keep the bill down.  This is the right time to discuss the “full backup” and what flat rate that may fall into so everything is just backed up for when the minor annoyance or the major emergency happens.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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