Beware of Ransomewear Attacks on your Business Network

Ransomeware attacks have increased among businesses for the last 3 years, but the hacker’s tactics are similar. If you’re a business owner or manager, making yourself and your employees familiar with the types of attacks can be the difference between saving your business network or losing it to cyber thieves aim to take you and your information for ransom.

You hear about it online and among businesses on a daily basis how a seemingly innocent incoming email not only shut down 1 computer but can take over an entire network. With these types of attacks, the entry point is human interaction and can be stopped before damage can be done if you and your staff are aware of the warning signs ahead of time.

Ransomware attacks primarily use incoming email addressed to a user that if clicked and opened, releases the malware to lock down your computer’s data, encrypt it and can be transmitted throughout an entire network, thereby holding your data hostage.

Red-Arrow  Here is a brief checklist to help you stay ahead of a possible attack and to help employees understand what to look for and stay vigilant.

  • Before opening any email, check the sender and determine whether you recognize them or not.
  • Even if the email is from a source you recognize, if it’s an offer that sounds too good to be true, then handle it with care.
  • Look carefully at attachments in any email. And be aware of the file format, whether it’s a .pdf, .jpg or .zip file.
  • Be very careful of “pop-up” windows that are activated when you open any file submitted to you by email. Be sure to read the pop up before you activate or confirm a reply.
  • If you suspect a malicious email, delete it and empty the trash. Better safe that sorry.

Additionally, THUMBTECHS recommends some additional services for every business to help protect individual computers, networks and data.

First, always stay on top of your antivirus software. This is your first line of defense and updates are needed regularly. If you are a THUMBTECHS PROTECT Power customer, we will handle your antivirus updates for you.

Secondly, we recommend having a network and data back-up plan in place. Every business needs a disaster recovery plan in place to protect your data and information. THUMBTECHS offers customers customizable options for back-up storage needs that is on a managed I.T. support plan.

If you have any questions about “ransomware” and how your business can stay safe, contact THUBTECHS today. We’re here to manage your business I.T. for you.